Secure Digital (SD) Cards


An SD Card (SD stands for Secure Digital) is a flash card for use in portable devices. DigMyPics is now offering 1GB SD cards to make getting your scanned images on your digital picture frame easy. When you add an 1GB SD Card to your scanning order, we will fill it with your newly scanned images at a reduced resolution. This makes the file sizes more compatible to work with Digital Picture Frames.

pictureWhy do you put the reduced resolution files on the SD Card instead of the full resolution files?

Many Digital Picture frames have trouble handling large files. We automatically give you your images at a reduced size of 1280 pixels at the widest dimension. This is enough resolution to get a clear crisp image on a the largest digital picture frames, but not so large to be a problem. You could also use the reduced resolution images on your SD Card to email or make your own slideshow movie.

pictureCan I add more images to my SD Card?

Sure! You will need a card reader either in your computer or an external card reader. Keep in mind that some digital picture frames can not handle big image files, so if you have trouble you may want to save a copy of your image at a reduced size and save that to the SD Card.

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