Download your new Photos and Videos

Now you can have your photos and Videos the same day we complete them. Just download them to your computer and then you can add them to your favorite photo management program, like iPhoto, or cloud based photo sharing site, like Flickr, Google Photos, or Facebook.

Easy. Fast. Fun.

Learn more by reading the tutorial on our blog.  Downloading your newly scanned files

It Works but we don't provide computer support: Since we released the downloader in 2015 its been used sucessfully by thousands of customers on both Windows and Mac.  It absolutely works.  If it isn't working for you try another computer or ask a friend or support center for help.  Please don't call and ask our photo and video technicians to spend their time troubleshooting your computer. 

If you still can't download your files, you'll need to order media from us.

Loss of the network connection and sleeping computers are the biggest causes of failure.  If that happens, just re-run the app and it will pick up where it left off by not re-downloading files that are already on the hard drive in the folder you selected. 


(Using Internet Explorer 10 for downloading.  Firefox or chrome will be slightly different.)



Click this link to download the the installer. You may need to use Ctrl+Click to open the dowloaded file, depending on your security settings. After it installs, you'll find in your Applications folder or use Spotlight Search and type digmypicsdownloader.  Just double click the app to run it.


Downloader Facts:

bulletWorks on Mac and PC
Just keep your computer from sleeping until it finishes

bulletDownload the JPEG files at Full Resolution
TIFF files available on DVD or Hard Drive

bulletDownload your Film Transfers
As MP4 files.
AVI and MOV delivery via Hard Drive only

bulletDownload Video Tape Alchemy Transfers
As MP4 files.
AVI and MOV delivery via Hard Drive only

bulletWe still recommend getting a DVD or CD
Having your photos safely backed up is smart

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