Shopping Around for a Photo Scanning Service?

Scanning your photos to CD or DVD is a great way to preserve, share, and enjoy them today and tomorrow. Finding the right way to get it done is an important first step and one that shouldn't be taken lightly.

Your photos are an important and irreplaceable part of you. A historical record of important events you've shared with family and friends or achievements you've accomplished.

You're likely to have a lot of questions and concerns. You can visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) pages and view testimonials from our customers.

Don't Want, Don't Pay™

Our Don't Want, Don't Pay™ service allows you to delete up to 20% of the images we scan. Once we scan and manually color and exposure correct your images, as part of our basic service package, you can review your images online and delete or approve the images you want to keep. With DigMyPics, we've made the reviewing and deleting process quick and easy. See for yourself!

Real Time Scanning™

Don't Want, Don't PayOur exclusive Real Time Scanning™ service allows you to see each photo as we scan it.  This unique feature makes it fun for you and your family to watch your account everyday as new photos are instantly available to view the moment we've scanned them.

Digitize Your Entire Photo & Film Collection

Scan your entire photo and film collection!Many people have a variety of film types in their collection, including 127, 126, 110, 35mm half frames and APS, in both color and black and white. At DigMyPics, we scan all the common slide formats and even most of not-so-common types with no hassle or compromise!

Uncompressed Files, Uncompromised Details

TIFF vs JPEGAt DigMyPics, we scan and work with your photos in the TIFF format. Working in TIFF produces a larger file, which takes more time to scan and edit.  For that reason most other services work and scan in JPEG but working in JPEG causes a loss in image quality with every edit and save.  It's a small detail that can make a big difference. 

Want your images back in TIFF format so you can edit them further?DigMyPics will never charge you more to get your images in TIFF, so you can get TIFF, JPEG, or both formats and you only pay for the extra discs that may be required.

Lossless File: Editing and resaving results in no loss in quality or degradation to the image. Lossy File: Every time it is edited and resaved there is a loss in quality to the image.
Used For:
  • Editing or digitally restoring your images using photo editing software
  • Archiving. Order a set of TIFF files to put in a safe deposit box or fireproof safe
Use For:
  • Viewing, emailing, creating web galleries and Slideshow Movies (low-res)
  • Printing photos and photo gifts
  • Burning discs to share (high-res)
  • A TIFF file is more flexible than a JPEG because it retains all of its information
  • You can create a JPEG from a TIFF file if you have the proper software
  • JPEGs are a more common and supported by most applications
  • A JPEG is about 1/4th the size of a TIFF
  • A TIFF file is about 4x the size of a JPEG, which can make working with them slow and cumbersome
  • TIFF files are not supported by as many applications as JPEGs
  • If you edit a JPEG, the saved file is compressed and the image is degraded
Click here to learn more about Resolutions and Megapixels!

The Fastest Turn-Around Times

Quick Turn-AroundDigMyPics has some of the fastest turn around times in the industry. You can even view your images online as they are being scanned with our revolutionary and industry only Real Time Scanning Service! We make it easy to check your order online, anytime, day or night.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed – Or You Don't Pay!

100% Satisfaction GuaranteeOur 100% Satisfaction Guarantee ensures that you will receive a product that is up to your standards or you don’t pay! We think you’ll agree that going digital has never been more hassle-free!

The Brightest Technicians

DigMyPics has been digitizing photos and film for more than 10 years! During that time, we've assembled the industry's most skilled and talented group of university-educated digitization technicians. Our staff loves photography as much as you do and we value your photos like they were our own! We do all the scanning right here in the USA so you can feel good about supporting the American photographers and artists that work at DigMyPics!

Our skilled photographers and artists always provide basic enhancement (color/exposure correction and rotating to the proper orientation) on an image-by-image basis. There is no automated image processing besides using Digital ICE (dust, scratch and blemish removal) during the scanning of your color film.

The Best Equipment

Over the years we've determined the best equipment and techniques for scanning the many different types of photos so we can ultimately give you the best possible image! We've developed our own custom scanners plus we use Nikon CoolScan 9000 and Nikon CoolScan 5000 scanners.  Our custom developed scanners use modern techniques of computational photography like HDR and AI (Artificial Intelligence) to produce bright, high quality images with fewer blemishes.

The Smartest Technology

Just having the best equipment and technicians will only get you so far.  You need to bring it together with great technology to make it all easy and accessible for customers.  We've engineered the industry's best website to help you track, view, and use your new digital photos and videos faster and in more ways. 

Watch as we scan your photos with Real Time Scanning, Review your completed photos online and delete the ones you don't want with Don't Want Don't Pay.   Start using your new digital photos immediately with our downloader app and get your photos and videos right on to your computer.

View your 8mm film transfer and edit your DVDs with our online DVD editor. Use our web based online chat or an old-fashioned telephone to talk right to the people who will be working on your photos and videos. 

The Best Customer Service

Quality Customer ServiceFrom the moment we receive your order, to the moment it is shipped back to you, our entire process takes place at our sole facility in Arizona. Because all of our employees are under a single roof, we can offer a much more personalized service!

Our experience is that when you have the opportunity to talk directly with the company's employees who are working on your project you get a much more efficient and gratifying experience and a superior final product! Want to communicate with the technicians that are handling your order? You can at DigMyPics! And don't be surprised if you receive a friendly call or email from us during the process. All of our employees strive to get things done right the first time. Sometimes that means picking up the phone or sending a quick email if they need to clarify your preferences or have recommendations.

Custom Named Folders

Custom Folder Naming Do you envision your own library of digital images that is easy to reference for a specific photo when you need it? A computer reads files numerically, then alphabetically. At DigMyPics, we not only name your folders according to your instructions, we also prefix the images with the same name for easy reference.

Unique Thumbnail Albums

Thumbnail AlbumGet a printed set of all your images in a unique thumbnail album that shows you all of the images on your discs along with their file names and disc number. Imagine your entire collection of family photos in one book! The images are clean, crisp, smudge proof, and much better than any ink jet print. Easy to look at, easy to share, easy to enjoy!

Create a Slideshow Movie

Slideshow MovieOne of our most popular services is our Slideshow Movie service. We can create a special DVD of your images that has the look of an actual movie and plays right in your DVD player! We also offer a la carte customizable options, such as music and chapter titles, to make your movie as elaborate or as simple as you want!

Download your files instantly

Transfer to Picasa or FacebookDigMyPics customers can now download their photos as soon as they're ready using our downloader. From there, you can enjoy all the easy-to-use features and get the most out of your digital photos! This FREE new service makes it a snap to bring those old photos out of the closet and into the cloud!

Archival Storage Products

Archival StorageSwitch out that aluminum foil box for an archival slide storage box, or purchase archival storage to send your next batch of photos to us. When you add any archival storage product to your order, we will neatly place your slides, prints, and negatives in the storage for you at no additional charge! You get your photos and film safely returned to you ready to tuck away, while you enjoy your new digital images!

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